1 hour 50 min ago
Middlesbrough maintain their unbeaten start to the Premier League season in a dull goalless draw at West Brom.
2 hours 11 min ago
An 84-year-old woman dies after being recovered from the sea at the mouth of the River Conon near Dingwall in the Highlands.
2 hours 22 min ago
Britain's deadliest but least well-known naval force celebrates its 100th anniversary this week.
2 hours 22 min ago
Germany's economy minister and vice-chancellor has defended flicking the middle finger to a group of right-wing protesters earlier this month.
2 hours 22 min ago
Lewis Hamilton recovers from the back row of the grid to finish third at the Belgian GP as team-mate Nico Rosberg wins a dramatic race.
2 hours 39 min ago
A new tax is needed to ensure the UK has a properly funded health and social care system, doctor and former minister Dan Poulter says.
2 hours 47 min ago
A 17-year-old boy dies after taking drugs at Leeds Festival, police say.
3 hours 44 min ago
British tycoon Sir Richard Branson is a "tax exile" and should be stripped of his knighthood, shadow chancellor John McDonnell suggests.